Pretty Parrot Distilling

Distillery offering Gin, Australian Native, fruit and rich liqueurs, Tumut

About Us

The Distillery

Our distillery is in Lavington, NSW. It is here that our 160 year old still distills our spirits. It is a large copper still with 16 rectification plates. The still is one of the oldest still in use in Australia. We hope to move the distillery to Tumut by 2020

How we do it

Once the alcohol is distilled, we then carbon filter it to bring about a smoother tasting neutral spirit. We add our botanicals, essences and extracts depending on what we are making. This is left in our stainless steel tanks to let the alcohol and ingredients mature. We then filter again, sometimes up to three times

We bottle and label by hand so this takes a little while but it is always very exciting to see the product in the bottle. We love the bright colours